- Award in “CG Record Rendering Competition” 2013.
- Founder zZzStudio Danang Vietnam in 2012.

- Graphic designer at the Grenade company-Lyon France in 2011 (CDI)

- Graphic designer at the V-pictures company-Paris France in 2010 (CDI)

- Graduated the french language level B2 from University Paul Valéry-Montpellier-France in 2010

- Graduated in architecture in 2008 at the Faculty of Sciences- Hue, Vietnam.



  “…..For each idea in the work, We sacrifice the time for it because of the completeness, usefulness, performance and sophistication. We make every efforts for each idea in work to perform its completeness, usefulness, performance and sophistication. In our opinion, the more realistic and aesthetic a graphic product is, the closer it is to the public. In other words, the computer graphics makes architecture products more popular and more realistic. As you may see, Our thoughts are reflected clearly through the images in this portfolio. In working, We highly appreciate the professionalism and passion which we consider as two leading factors for the success….. “